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blackjack welcome bonusWhat is Blackjack welcome bonus? Blackjack welcome bonus is a bonus that permits you to play Blackjack games. It also permits you to play Blackjack games when fulfilling the requirements of the rollover, this will be considered as Blackjack bonus.   When we consider all of these standards, lots of online casinos are offering Blackjack welcome bonus. Actually, a lot of bonuses like reload and welcome bonuses prefer slot players. They do not prefer to Blackjack players. Wagering requirements are the basic reason for this. And most importantly, while playing Blackjack games, if you desire to use these bonuses then you’ll be in amazingly. Similarly, while playing games if you desire to go as far as fulfilling the requirements of wagering.

For black jack welcome bonus

Blackjack is considered as one of the most popular casinos among table games that are in existence. It is absolutely easy to play and to offer some of the strategies that permit you to win the game more likely. The average house edge for BlackJack is around 0.5% while calculating the lowest average, basically, it depends on your strategy. It means that if you are aware of what you are doing then you have 99.5% times of chances to win the game. Now, here we should eliminate the card counting because card counting is strictly banned in most casinos like mortar casinos and old fashioned bricked casinos. Similarly. Card counting is not permitted in online casinos too. When customers of casinos want to meet requirements of wagering of a bonus, casinos permit Blackjack to play as a game with such a low house edge.

How the calculation of your wagering looks?

There are specific calculations for your wagering. If you are receiving $100 as bonus money. It will come with 35x of rollover requirements. In this case, if you want to fulfill the bonus terms, you need to place $3500 of wages. This all cannot be possible unless playing slots pay 100%.   In the case of the only blackjack, you actually have to wager $35000 in total. The reason behind this is unlike slots players, blackjack players only contribute 10%. If Blackjack contributes 100%, it may not be permitted or contribute only 5% too.

Other bonuses for Blackjack players

No deposit bonus is considered as a great bonus among Blackjack bonuses. The reason is this deposit bonus permits you to play Blackjack games too. In fact, no deposit bonuses are considered as difficult to wager but in this type of bonus, you always have the cash to pay if you want to play games.

A reload blackjack welcome bonus is also considered as a better option where Blackjack contributes to the wager requirements. It totally depends on you that whether you really desire to fulfill the requirements of a rollover or just want to use a bonus to play Blackjack games. The second option happens when you are new to Blackjack games, and just want to play and learn the rules and strategies of games.
Live Casinos bonus are offered online by a lot of Casinos like the 888 casino welcome bonus. These bonuses are also welcome bonuses but they are specifically offered to players of live casinos. For instance, you can get you a 100% bonus usually when you have $200 in bonus cash and requirements will be 70x in this situation. It may look very high, but live table games players like to contribute happily to it.

Amazing Welcome Bonus By Casinos

Casinos offer a lot of bonuses to attract players. The blackjack welcome bonus is considered one of the most popular and greatest bonuses among all the bonuses. These bonuses permit you to play longer and to get great winning feelings. The welcome bonus is an incentive offer that urges players to signup in the casinos to use their services. You find this bonus also at the bwin welcome bonus as well.

How can you get the Welcome Blackjack bonus?

Once you register yourself by signing up and you make a deposit at the casino of your choice, you can get this welcome bonus. Due to high competition, most casinos offer their own specific bonuses online. When the player makes a deposit at their desired casinos, then this welcome bonus offer is provided to the player. But if the player don’t want to deposit immediately, then they can get the benefit of no deposit bonus.

Some facts about the welcome bonus:

1. The welcome bonus is considered as the largest bonus you may receive.
2. You can receive this welcome bonus only when you sign up for your wanted casinos.
3. You need to deposit first to your desired online casino, then you can get this bonus.
4. Most popular welcome bonuses include staggered cash match, cash match and make your own bonus.


Why use a Welcome bonus?

If you want to double or even triple your initial investment, then the welcome bonus is the best option for you if you choose correctly. This will help you to stay in-game for a long time. Anyway, it is not permitted always but sometimes it can allow you to withdraw your bonus and winning amount by showing you that you are able to meet the waging requirements.

Types of Welcome bonus:

1. Cash match bonus

A cash match is a bonus that is widely offered online. Sometimes, casinos are showing a $X FREE bonus, but they do not mean it. For example, if you have to deposit money before like you want to deposit $500, $1000 or $2000 it’s up to you and you will get a greater chance of bonus if you deposit greater. You may find an online casino with a cash match offering a percentage of 50%, other online casinos offering a better percentage of 100% and another competitor casino may offering a greater percentage. These percentages differ from casino to casino.

2. Staggered cash match bonus

Especially,when you deposit more money this staggered cash match bonus is one that will give you a higher percentage match. So, for instance, you will get a match bonus of 100% when you deposit $100 and you will get a match of 200% when you deposit $200. Sometimes, you’ll even find casinos give you a staggered cash match that allows you the incentive to make more than one deposit.

3. Make your own bonus

Make your own bonus is a great bonus offered by casinos than the Cash Match Bonus and the Staggered Cash Match Bonus.  In order to make cash in on your bonus, a minimum deposit is always required. The casino will permit you to play with the amount of credit when receiving this kind of Online Casino Welcome Bonus, it is giving you within a certain amount of time. Some online casinos like the 888casino offer the welcome bonus no deposit . Here you get $88 for free without a deposit.

It permits you to do the most out of the time that has been allocated to you with the free money you have given. It will also permit you to withdraw the amount of money you’ve won in that particular period and it will consider it as you welcome bonus whatever you win. But, if your luck is not on your side and you cannot win anything still, most of the online casinos out there will be offering you a consolation prize. It is better to cash in for such a type of bonus.